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Our names are Amanda & Shawn and we are pleased to invite you on our journey. We challenge you to #growforthand and be adventurous. Buy a ticket to that foreign country you've always wanted to visit, learn how to scuba dive, bathe an elephant, go make friends in unexpected places. This is where we hope to inspire and drive you out of your comfort zone and into your happiest self because we sure have by moving to Chiang Mai.

A Taste of Hanoi

A Taste of Hanoi

This October, during our semester break from teaching, Shawn and I traveled through Vietnam for three weeks. We started in Hanoi and our first adventure was a Sunset Motorbike Tour with A Taste of Hanoi. It was amazing! The best tour we've ever done. It's difficult to imagine one that could ever be better, it was so well executed. 


Our wonderful tour guides, Lan and Giang, took us on their motorbikes and drove us around the crazy traffic of Hanoi. Hanoi is a city I never see myself driving in. We felt safe on the back of their motorbikes the entire time. 


First, we were taken to a coffee shop to try "yoghurt coffee," which is exactly what it sounds like. Sour yoghurt, in strong Vietnamese coffee. It was amazing! It was the perfect amount of creamy and not too sweet. 

Then we hopped back on the bikes and drove over the crazy iron bridge of Vietnam. Our tour guides were great and were sure to take pictures of us the entire time. We were then taken to the local area of Hanoi, where you didn't see one tourist. We ate a pork sandwich and drank sugarcane juice with comqouts.  



We then drove around and had the best meal of our three week trip in Vietnam. We enjoyed learning about the Vietnamese eating culture, where you just order many plates and eat family style. Once again, they did so well with Shawn's allergies and he was able to eat everything they put in front of us. Our favorites from the meal were the morning glory, which they stir fry with garlic and onions, the pork belly, and fried sticky rice. 


Afterwards, we went to the beautiful lake. Before we knew it we were handed ice cream, which was just amazing. We enjoyed the view at the lake and then had Bobia, which was incredible. Bobia is a light crepe with sugarcane, fresh coconut, and black sesame seeds. Shawn obviously had his without the sesame seeds. It was delicious! Such a simple sweet dessert. Gosh, we were so full! 

The last stop was for a few beers. Then we went to the flag raising ceremony, which happens every day. It happens at 6 am everyday and 9pm every night. This was an extra excursion they decided to stop at and let us see. We were very grateful as it is so embedded in the culture. 

They went above and beyond at A Taste of Hanoi, to make our tour perfect. This was the best tour of our life and it was the perfect way to kick off our start in Vietnam. A big thanks to the owner Brian and our tour guides Lan and Giang. You're all so amazing. We'll be sure to reccommend this tour to any of our friends going to Vietnam. If anyone has any questions about Hanoi, this tour, or Vietnam in general. Feel free to comment below or send us an email at growforthand@gmail.com. Thank you! 

Vietnam in Three Weeks

Vietnam in Three Weeks

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