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Our names are Amanda & Shawn and we are pleased to invite you on our journey. We challenge you to #growforthand and be adventurous. Buy a ticket to that foreign country you've always wanted to visit, learn how to scuba dive, bathe an elephant, go make friends in unexpected places. This is where we hope to inspire and drive you out of your comfort zone and into your happiest self because we sure have by moving to Chiang Mai.

Immerse Yourself in Something Bigger

Immerse Yourself in Something Bigger

Always immerse yourself in events and causes bigger than yourself and watch the magic that manifests from it. Create, share, play, dance, write, run, move. Move away from the things or the people that are letting you down. Learn to understand and gravitate towards the pieces that are making your heart and soul feel whole. 

I'm still amazed how life in Chiang Mai is. There is almost something every single day that makes me feel inspired. Be it a student that says an adorable sentence perfectly in English or expresses interest in a subject that you've been teaching. Or it's a fire spinning practice on a Tuesday when someone picks up a prop for the first time and flows perfectly. It may be even just this "Winter" weather having the perfect feeling of a spring breeze in the afternoon.  

Life in Chiang Mai is very unique. Everyone is at a varying level of being busy. Some people work full-time jobs, some people don't work at all. Those who don't work at all tend to not be full of money, but they are certainly full of wealth. Their free time to them is even more valuable than money. 

Shawn and my social lives are almost a full-time job on top of our current one as well as additional part-time jobs. Shawn aka Cattaco, has been DJing at gigs throughout the city at least twice a week as well as being fully immersed in the world of Dungeons and Dragons with his crew. Our social lives are not just about going out with friends. It always about creating something. Get Silly, one of our favorite events in Chiang Mai, is a sober rave at 7am. Everyone literally just gets silly, puts on glitter and dances around. There are always workshops revolved around creating the best version of yourself. Any hobby that you could even imagine, there's an expert willing to teach you for free. 


Every time I come home from an event or a normal day in Chiang Mai, every time I just sit to process the beauty around me, it feels amazing. There's no place I'd rather be. 

The feeling of a community here is that that I would feel at a camping festival that I would wait to go for once a year for 3 days, maybe twice a year if I was able to take off time from work. That feeling of knowing everyone is out there to help each other and create together is one of the most valuable feelings in the world! 


Our lives are a festival here in Chiang Mai and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. When I tried to explain our lives here to my Grandpa, he said "It can't be THAT good, what is it the Garden of Eden?" I replied, "Well It might just be..."

Much love to you all and I hope you have an amazing day wherever you are in this world. 

***Feature photo by DoiLife Photography****

What's Stopping You from Living your Best Life?

What's Stopping You from Living your Best Life?