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Our names are Amanda & Shawn and we are pleased to invite you on our journey. We challenge you to #growforthand and be adventurous. Buy a ticket to that foreign country you've always wanted to visit, learn how to scuba dive, bathe an elephant, go make friends in unexpected places. This is where we hope to inspire and drive you out of your comfort zone and into your happiest self because we sure have by moving to Chiang Mai.

Take us Back to Taco Shack

Take us Back to Taco Shack

 Taco Shack's Mega Burrito. We couldn't believe it was this large. 

Taco Shack's Mega Burrito. We couldn't believe it was this large. 

Shawn loves tacos, so how could we not stay at a hostel called Taco Shack in Koh Tao especially when it was ($11 each per night). Once we handed the front desk our passports, our now friend Jenny, said "Oh you guys are from the U.S. Happy 4th of July!" At that point, we had no idea what the date or day of the week was. The hostel was having a 4th of July party that evening including all of the "classic American" drinking games, beer pong and flip cup included. While we settled into our bunk we learned the guy next to us, Derek, was also from New Jersey and is roommates with a guy that lives four houses away from Shawn's family. Every day we are learning how small the world truly is. 

Every night at this hostel after a day of diving we would meet incredible new people. Stay in hostels whenever you can and you'll find lifelong friends. What enamored me about Taco Shack was their staff. They became our family for the week and we were welcomed into their home. I was so interested that I decided to interview them. 

First, there is Jenny: 

A: Where are you from?

J: England, near Manchester

A: How Long have you been working at Taco Shack? 

J: Three Months

A: How did you end up working here?

J: I stayed at Taco Shack last year and it's by far the best hostel I have ever stayed at. So I came back, they offered me the job and here I am for the next year.

A: How many countries have you been to?

(Took her about a minute to count) 

J: I've been to 6% of the world, thanks to the App Been, which records it for you and tells you your percentage. 

A: What are your favorite countries/ cities you've visited?

J: Koh Tao (of course), Koh Phi Phi, and the whole country of Vietnam

Next up was: Thar and Zinko from Myanmar.

What I learned from them was that they are very loyal to their family and work to take care of them. When I asked Zinko "What was the most challenging thing you've ever done?" He replied "I worked as a nurse in Mynmar taking care of people with AIDS. I've taken care of 15,000 people and it was horrible to see them get worse." His dream is to open a pharmacy shop back in Myanmar. He also told me that he's saved someone's life. He saw a man drowning got him out the water, gave him CPR and saved his life. I would have never known this had I not taken the chance to interview him. What an incredible person you are Zinko, thanks for all your generous work!

We had an amazing experience at Taco Shack and they were nice enough to throw Shawn a party on his birthday. They had drink specials and helped me put candles in a mega buritto as a surprise for his birthday. I can't recommend staying here enough, it certainly made our experience in Koh Tao. 

Thanks Jenny, Louisa, Zinko, Thar, and Yi! We hope to be back soon. 

Teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Face your Fears and Finish your Scuba Diving Certification

Face your Fears and Finish your Scuba Diving Certification